Monday, February 24, 2020

Customizing Linux GRUB (Part I) : Adding more Operating System Entries,...

Tutorial to customize the Linux GRUB Bootloader

Installing Arch Linux Base System – Detailed and Easy Step by...

This page gives you a detailed step by step guide of how to install the Arch Linux Base System on your PC or Laptop. We have covered all the steps with screenshots and all the details of configuration files and other settings have been included.

Get Email Alerts of Downloads’ Progress in Linux

In this article I will show you how to get free email alerts of progress of downloads in Linux.

How Desktop Linux Continues To Survive Despite A Low Market Share

How does desktop Linux survive despite a low (3%) market share and no multi-billion dollar organizations backing it? How does new versions of Linux distros come out every six months while Windows takes years.

Comparing Performance Benchmarks and Stability: Arch Linux vs Ubuntu 12.04 vs...

Comparing and benchmaring performance and stability of Arch Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support and Windows 7 32 bit OSes using mprime (Prime 95) and systester full detailed results.

Setting Up Mobile GPRS Connection in Linux : Nokia and Samsung...

Tutorial to setup a mobile GPRS connection in Linux.

Partitioning Tutorial (using GParted) – Creating Partitions, Deleting Partition, Resizing Partition...

Tutorial to create, move, resize and delete partitions using Gparted

My Journey with Linux – Year One

My Experiences With Linux During The First Year of Using It