About nixFAQ

nixFAQ is an e-magazine by Techno FAQ Digital Media that covers everything about Unix-family and Unix-related operating systems (OSes) including but not limited to SystemV, BSD, GNU/Linux, WRT, Android, macOS, iOS (+tvOS and watchOS) and related system software (bootloaders, drivers, compilers, assemblers, etc.), application software, hardware, networking and services. The magazine additionally covers software and hardware development tools and learning resources around these operating systems.

Our Goals

Unix-family and Unix-related operating systems run on more than 90% of the computer hardware available in the world, including but not limited to PCs, servers, supercomputers, mobile phones, handheld devices, POS machines, wearables, single-board computers, and home and industrial appliances. The developments around these operating systems (by Bell Labs, UC Berkeley, Free Software Foundation, Google, Apple, Linux Foundation, etc.) advance computing in general every single day. However, most people have little to no understanding as to how these operating systems work and how they are used. The team at nixFAQ aims to change that situation by bringing the knowledge of these operating systems and related technologies to more people, while keeping the skills of seasoned users up-to-date. Whether you are new to Unix-based systems, or an IT professional seeking to learn more skills for career advancement or just an enthusiast looking for latest updates in then Unix world, nixFAQ is just the right place for you.

Meet the Team

Sunit Kumar Nandi

Leading Officer,
Techno FAQ Digital Media

Mahbub Hasan
Graphics Designer and UI/UX Specialist

Saurav Modak
Founder and Content Author

Pranav Suri
Business Strategist

Our Story

Saurav Modak started LinuxB.in as a window into his journey of into Linux and free software. LinuxB.in documented his experiences from simple things like installing and getting the first taste of a GNU/Linux OS, to much more complex ones like changing GRUB to be more attractive, or finding how some drivers aren’t working, after hours of tinkering. However, after 7 years, he became busy with other projects and was no longer able to dedicated more time to GNU/Linux and free software.

The team at Techno FAQ Digital Media approached Saurav Modak for acquisition of LinuxB.in into the nixFAQ project, and the acquisition was completed on 6 December 2018. Techno FAQ Digital Media has since expanded the scope of nixFAQ to include all Unix-family and Unix-related operating systems. This is in line with Sunit’s vision of bringing the knowledge of Unix-based systems to more people around the world. Saurav continues to contribute to nixFAQ.

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