Monday, February 24, 2020

Why You Should Give Arch a Try – Best Features of...

This page gives you a detailed step by step guide of how to install the Arch Linux Base System on your PC or Laptop. We have covered all the steps with screenshots and all the details of configuration files and other settings have been included.

The Revolution of the Open Source World

The terms open source and free-soft have been thrown around greatly for the past decade or so, but do many people really understand what they relate to?

How To Shutdown Your Computer When A Download (Torrent, Direct etc)...

This simple tutorial show how you can shutdown your Linux computer automatically after a download is complete.

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

This post is aimed at answering the common questions that one faces when he hears about Linux - What is software freedom and what is Open Source.

Get Email Alerts of Downloads’ Progress in Linux

In this article I will show you how to get free email alerts of progress of downloads in Linux.

My Journey with Linux – Year One

My Experiences With Linux During The First Year of Using It

Empathy Bug : "No reason specified" Error Solved

This article shows a solve, rather a way-around of the long standing Emapthy IM client bug which displays a "No Reason Specified" connection error whenever you try to connect online.

[Arch News & Bugs] Pacman 4.0 Update – Empathy No Reason...

This section is dedicated to the current outgoings in the Arch Linux community, bugs fixes and feature enhancements.