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So you made some useful software, fun games or a brand new operating system (or distro)? Or you made cool wallpapers and themes? Or designed a game? Wrote a book or a guide? You must have realised by now it is one thing to make something, while it is a whole another game to publicize it. We at nixFAQ would love to lend you a hand by featuring your work in front of a wide audience.

What do we Feature?

We feature anything around Unix-based and Unix-related systems, including

  • Operating systems
  • System software
  • Applications
  • Artwork
  • Customization options
  • Hardware
  • Network protocols
  • Development tools
  • Books, courses and tutorials


To be featured on nixFAQ, your creation must meet the following requirements, without exception.

  1. It must be your work or your team’s work. You must not pass off someone else’s work as your own.
  2. The creation must be usable at present. If it is a program, it must run. If it is artwork or customization options, it must be apply-able. If it is a book or tutorial, it must be (still) relevant to modern computing. If it is hardware, it must be purchasable, acquirable or producible with efforts under reasonable bounds. Legacy creations should be provided with appropriate simulators or emulators. Proof-of-concepts and upcoming tech must have atleast a few working features.
  3. The creation or offering must be non-commercial in nature. If your work is monetized or has paid options, then at least a subset of the offering must be fully-functional and always free. We will not feature your work if the free version of your work is a time-limited trial or has non-functional critical features that make it unusable. For books, courses, tutorials and media, atleast a complete module or learning objective must be available for free. If parts of them, like some pages, are paywalled making the module unusable, we will not feature it. If you are seeking to feature commercial work, check our advertising options.

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So what are you waiting for? Fill the form below and let us have a look at your creation. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or use the live chat at the right-side corner of this page.