Scuttlebutt the decentralized social network and its client for Android called Manyverse

This platform is characterized by being safe and decentralized, being very different from the social networks that everyone knows as Facebook. Linkedin, among others. Like other social platforms, you can message your friends and share posts in a feed.

It should be noted that this social network works on the peer to peer (P2P) protocol.

What is the P2P protocol?

We can answer the answer with the following quote:

A peer-to-peer, peer-to-peer, peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a computer network in which all or some aspects work without fixed clients or servers, but rather a series of nodes that behave as equals to each other. What’s more, they act simultaneously as clients and servers with respect to the other nodes on the network. P2P networks allow the direct exchange of information, in any format, between interconnected computers.

Source: Wikipedia

Why use decentralized social networks?

The answer is simple, if you like a network where you cannot be silenced or controlled, or a network where you do not have to worry about getting exposed with the data leaks about personal data going every now and then,  it can only be expected on a network by the people and not owned by a single entity or company or corporation. It is known as decentralized social networks.

A brief history

Scuttlebutt was created by Dominic Tarr in 2014 as part of experimental development in alternative databases and distributed systems. Dominic lived on a sailboat with an unreliable internet connection and became interested in creating a secure, social media-friendly gossip protocol. The word scuttlebutt is slang for “cold water gossip” among sailors. Scuttlebutt gained popularity due to the wave of privacy controversies that erupted against traditional social media.

A network where everyone is equal

With a client to connect to this social network, the person when connecting through the P2P protocol fulfills the 2 functions as a client or server, where they can share information with other users, make publications, be sure that it will be published safely, and can chat without any kind of limitations.

Why the name Scuttlebutt?

On their official website, they explain the following in a very simple way. As per Scuttlebutt, “The name, Scuttlebutt, comes from marine gossip lingo. Basically like a water cooler on a ship, where sailors and pirates go to have fun.”

Talks, Documentation, Updates and News

On their official website you can access a section where they have many talks that deal with various topics that have a lot to do with Scuttlebutt from privacy to touching more critical issues such as security.

As in the entire software environment, there must be detailed documentation for both users and developers, which can be obtained at

You can be informed of the latest events regarding Scuttlebutt on the news page at


You can also make donations to help developers spend more time on it so that Scuttlebutt is better every day and attracts a greater number of Internet users.

Download and install a client to enter this network

Something that should be noted is that on its official page we can obtain a client to enter this decentralized social network for any operating system be it for GNU Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, windows, android, among many other options such as add-ons for web browsers.

To download one of these clients, you just have to enter the following page on its official website at the following URL:

In the case of GNU Linux, you only have to download it from the following URL:

Which uses a file with an .appimage extension which to execute it in our system we must execute the following commands in the directory where the file was downloaded.

chmod 744 Patchwork-3.18.1.AppImage

and then run with:


Client for Android: Manyverse

In Android we can obtain the Manyverse client, which we can obtain from the Google Play store at the following URL:

Or it can be downloaded alternatively, although it is not safe and security updates cannot be obtained and this download would be the responsibility of the user, below is the URL for the download:

What is Manyverse?

Manyverse is a decentralized social network. Unlike most social networks today, it is not run by a company that has power over communications between users. Manyverse developers can control the source code to build the app and submit new features, but they don’t have access to user data. The user has full ownership and responsibility over their data.

Getting started in Manyverse

It should be noted that this social network for android is distributed in billions of cell phones that have this client installed.

When the application is installed and started for the first time, it does not have any data from the user’s profile, he must share data that he wants to be public and be connected with known people who have this excellent client, although the process can be a little faster by joining a user community on the same network.

Advantages of being a decentralized social network in Manyverse

Is that the information is distributed among thousands of smartphones worldwide, it is practically impossible for this network to suffer a drop. Also, because its services are not centralized as happens with large centralized networks such as Facebook whose platforms may at one point present failures and these are out of line for several hours or even days if the fault is very great.

With Free Software, you get freedom of speech and much desired privacy as you expect from a decentralized network. Also, you are not subjugated to decisions of a small team who might change things are they like. Further unnecessary political censorship can be avoid completely.

Disadvantage of the Manyverse social network

All the data that is published in this profile network or information that is published is under the strict responsibility of the user, and only he has to take into account that what he publishes can even lead to legal disputes towards his person directly, it is recommended that users should be very responsible with the information they handle or publish on this social network.

To conclude, with power and freedom comes responsibilities and duties. Benefits overweight negatives of Scuttlebutt or its client Manyverse if at all. The only downside that I can see is being alone on the network as it would be really hard to get your friends and family on a network that might come across as one for designed exclusively for nerds. It is not the case, trust me.

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