Convert your GNU / Linux into an Operating System suitable for Digital Mining

At present, digital mining is a fairly broad topic because there are mining in homes, offices and companies that are dedicated to mining, they use all kinds of tools that they have, such as computers (desktop, mobile or laptop). Which are usually in common use.

What is Digital Mining?

It is the process in which transactions are validated and grouped in a network, and then added to its blockchain, this process guarantees security on the network at the same time allows the generation of new cryptocurrencies in the market. Digital mining uses Operating Systems (OS) the most used are: MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Now, since you can mine digitally, it is simply the act of creating coins digitally and then obtaining your profits or rewards, which those individuals who are dedicated to mining can obtain them without having to buy them, this is a quick process because there are websites that allow you to go mining from the cloud.

But what do you need to be able to mine?

A good computer with its RAM memory, its CPU, is essential. But if your case is that you want to mine faster, you would need one of the best graphics card on the market such as the ATI graphics card. From my point of view, if you want to obtain greater profits in mining, I recommend Linux since it offers a better performance of the equipment which is ready for it, nevertheless you must have a good configuration in order to obtain a better mining. Therefore I will name the alternative operating systems for mining based on Linux which are:

EasyMine OS

It is used in mining according to its complete and independent software platform. Which is very easy to use and profitable.


This is usually more interesting when mining since it is the first to present a Blokchain architecture which is flexible in its database and multiple CPU cores.


This is based on Linux which allows you to mine in an exact and very profitable way such as Etherium, Zcash, monero among others by GPU, also the updates are free. After you get these cryptocurrencies you can exchange them for Bitcoin. As we know, this is the cryptocurrency that we look for the most in mining due to its price and the constant demand it has. Among many others that I will simply name but that are very important: Hive OS, MinerOS, PiMP OS, Rock OS. Which have definitive administrators when using them are essential in a digital mining always using Linux with a good configuration you will have a higher boot to be able to mine digitally.

Finally, I focus on SimpleMining OS this is dedicated to digital mining which is very simple, you just click on download, update it and simply configure it with your data to have the entire startup process and thus start mining cryptocurrencies, no You have no problem at the time of download, but after you configure it and start the mining process if you must make a minimum payment of $ 2 for the service that it offers plus the advantages. With good equipment and processor you can have many profits in digital mining.

There are other ways to mine cryptocurrencies:

It is really surprising the great variety we have when we dedicate ourselves to mining. Due to the way that the user wanted to do his mining, as I mentioned in this article, there is mining in the use that we have on the network. Which I will mention a few.

The use of applications on the web, this implies mining in browsers, hiring virtual machines in the cloud, the use of web link shorteners, the execution of different tasks.

To obtain a great advantage in terms of mining, it is essential to have greater speed at the time of mining, it is recommended that you use a program that configures it according to the magnitude of your demands, we know that if you have a good mining processor you need to have a good internet which I recommend you decide on a LAN network although in many cases they prefer WiFi, but you must investigate very carefully that some programs do not work with WiFi.

Cryptocurrency mining is in great demand for this reason, if you have equipment with low capacity, being able to obtain cryptocurrencies will be very slow in the process, unless you buy them, but mining with equipment that does not have the capacity for it you will not be able to mine.

Therefore, if you plan to dedicate yourself to mining, it is recommended that you first equip yourself with a new tool to be able to compete in mining. In fact, in order to obtain these virtual cryptocurrencies which the whole world wants to obtain, you must have at your disposal the graphics cards, power supply and motherboard, these are the most used in digital mining, as well as you must have the processors, RAM and hard disk suitable for this type of computer.

What do you need to mine infamous Bitcoins?

Bitcoins mining is a currency that really needs good computers which have to be well equipped, especially with a good graphics card, a guaranteed motherboard and a powerful power supply, which I recommend AMD RX (RX) graphics cards. 570, RX 580, RX vega) these are the most used and in fact you can get many cryptocurrencies

Remember to have good electricity because a miner needs 220V to be able to have a good operation of all this equipment is necessary for mining. A miner with a good configuration and better starting speed will be able to mine and guarantee your profits. Remember that if you have all these teams that name you will get a huge profit in terms of these virtual currencies in a very short time.

I hope this article will be of use to you and will help you in digital mining, which programs you should use for mining or if you prefer to mine from the cloud and how you should get good equipment to have a higher speed start to digital mining.

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