Penpot Open Source prototyping and Design Platform

When talking about design and creation of open source prototypes, it is always good to know everything about this topic, even more so if it is in the field of Free Software and Open Source in which it is beneficial to have a software tool that can be installed in which allows us to do work of different kinds, professional and of excellent quality, however, we need to know what Penpot is. It is worth mentioning that Penpopot has been developed by a company called Kaleidos Open Source and has long been known for its commitment and dedication to free software and Open Source.

What is Penpot?

It is the first open source prototyping and design platform designed for multidisciplinary teams. It does not depend on operating systems, it should be noted that Penpot is based on the web which works with open standards (SVG).

Now, knowing the magnitude of Penpot, we realize that it is a platform that allows us to carry out work with improvements in terms of apps and designs. Therefore the opportunity in this article to know and be able to use Penpot due to the fact that it uses free and open operating systems such as GNU / Linux, together with its increasing efficiency regarding free and open applications.

Penport is a web platform which is easy and simple to work on. Whether from home or at the workplace, because | penpot seeks to become the equivalent of Google Docs. in the field of graphic design and the creation of prototypes and interfaces, although we can remember that it is an excellent open source project, in which penpot works with a standard format of vector images with SVG, as regards the work of the which can be done due to the compatibility and with a wide range of tools that it has of alternatives

What are the Penpot alternatives?

Its greatest scope is on open source, which is a field well dominated by commercial tools at the moment, it could be compared with Google Docs, which is a collaborative work with editing and in real time. In short, the usability and accessibility on the web is very easy for you to use this web either from home or at your workplace, in terms of using your designs in interfaces.

In addition, this is a web tool in which we can have many advantages because open source allows us to use it for free according to the domain of, in addition, an instance can be installed on a web server managed by us, this is the case with wordpress.

Why you should use Penpot?

One of the reasons for using Penpot is that apart from being open source we can access it because it is on the web what is accessible to users and for everyone totally independent of their training, skills or purchasing power.

Another reason is its essential prototype design tools such as Adobe XD, Codigo, Figma, Framer, HotGloo, Inveision, Pidoco, powerMockup, Sketc and Webflow. Which is a necessary and very useful tool for many design professionals, since it is a free and open source UX / UI tool that makes it easier for developers to participate in the design.

Penpot Features

We know that Penpot really is a very successful company in the world of free and open source software which allows us to have many important features to use this website.

Of which I can mention its interface that it has because it is adaptable and friendly, it is very easy to use it on the web.

It is subject to open standards, especially SVG, allowing its files to be compatible with most vector tools, which many users choose Penpot

And finally to its multi-platform being excellent for users since it is based on the web, and is not subject to any Operating System, and that to be able to use it and access it, you only need a browser and that’s it. Being built by the community, offering extreme adaptation, it allows you to have the complement contribution of pligns among many more features that Penpot possesses.

In order to have more information about Penpot I show you some links which will allow you to access them directly.

Official GitHub site

Help Center

Frequently asked questions (Faq)

These are your personal web addresses, which is of benefit to us having the assurance that Penpot will help us if we do not know and do not know about the web and how we can work and benefit from its use.

Source offers very professional functions such as component design, interactive prototypes, intuitive and visual interface. In addition to having a multi-user environment that allows us to implement functionalities within the project and to be able to work simultaneously, which is very productive and advantageous for us.

It should be noted that the project is in its latest Alpha version and with its full functionalities, which Penpot is incorporated into the growing catalog of professional tools which will be gradually being updated so that its users can keep up to date with what is happening. web demands of its users.

In which this article offers many opportunities from which you could have a lot of work performance and experience new solutions to many problems. That is why I invite you that if you use Penpot you give yourself the opportunity to know it and be able to use it. Or if you prefer, try it for a while if you find it possible to use it and the use is more adaptable to your work, you may have new expectations. The important thing is to learn, know, and fulfill the expectations of a job according to your line of research and requirements to use Penpot in a professional field in terms of the needs that may be had. We wait for you in the next article.

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