AlmaLinux OS: An open-source RHEL fork built by the team at CloudLinux

Before Alma Linux came into being, its distribution was known as Proiect Lenix and later renamed Alama Linux, this was in homage to the community of users and developers. Which Alma Linux is an open source project and contains a 1.1 compliant binary fork of RHEL® 8.

Alma Linux is a project that has many advantages due to its annual sponsorship by CloudLinux Inc. which promises a million dollars annually. Because the opportunity to access your binary options with RHEL 8 that it offers allows users easier transitions from CentOS.

Also, being able to control binary operations with RHEL 8 on CloudLinux would provide stable and reliable updates to Alma Linux. However, before announcing CloudLinux is the first stable version of Alma Linux OS, which has an enterprise level, its distribution is completely open source which was created to have an alternative for CentOS. It is a version based on Re Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3.

As for comparison, it could be said that Re Ha Enterprise is identical to RHEL in terms of functionalities without being able to speak of the changes related to the brands and removal of the packages because in these sections they are completely different. However, the company promises many projects of which would be under the responsibility of Alma Linux, this project that is based on open source has a lot of responsibility in which the organization decides to appoint 5 members to be in charge of this project and thus be able to manage and promote continuous improvements for the Alma Linux community, having the organization allows users a greater benefit.

Now between RockyLinux and AlmaLinux. Which of these two alternatives would you choose?

For those of us who know about RockyLinux and AlmaLinux, we take into account their launch because RockyLinux only has two CentOS creators and their project is destined for the second quarter of this year, while Alma Linux is already available for download is for this reason that cannot be compared to RockyLinux. Taking into account that CloudLinux developers, its distribution is focused on web servers and data centers and that in turn it is based on RHEL.

What is Redhat?

This is a widely used operating system worldwide due to its Linux architecture and being based on free software. It was also known for its high performance although it was based on the commercial sector which was known as RHEL which is one of the most chosen today worldwide due to its quality and value that represents a wide range of Software and services in addition to the support that This presents in constant improvements in each update, which makes the system reliable and safe.

To what extent includes the RHEL system. Because it is a large system and its architecture is based on Linux, the following list is presented. Full LAMP package (Apache / tomcat PHP / Perl / Python, MySQL / PostgreSQL), File or printer services (NFS, CIFS / SMB, CUPS), Authentication services (openldap, keberos 5).

This system is compatible for all hardware architectures. Which RedHat presents a cycle of supports and updates between a period of 7 to 10 years, providing greater advantages in its management tools, being flexible and solid.

And if we count the advantages that it contains, the availability for the applications in terms of infrastructure could be increased,

RHEL Features:

One of its characteristics is that it has the graphic environment called anaconda, which is recognized by its users for its design, which is easy to use.

RHEL uses a tool called Lokkit with it you can configure the Firewall capabilities

The UTF-8859-1 font is used for the Latin alphabet.

Those were the most important characteristics that it possesses, although its focus goes directly to large business ventures, such as large application systems, data centers or very complex and specific systems. In addition, updates and new versions can take 18 to 24 months to be released, although this time is already justified, all in terms of the value of the updates and their support and training improvements.

What are its advantages?

The most important is the graphic environment because the interface is easy to use for the user to manage the system.

Its architecture with hardware and show its compatibility with the different existing versions

It incorporates a flexible and solid modular management tool and this is in order to offer control.

Keeping in mind its objective is to provide solutions immediately to companies and thus demonstrating compliance with the tools with the highest availability in terms of infrastructure and necessary applications. As is the efficient functions for energy management focused on data centers and virtualization which allows total control of computing resources, we also find the disadvantages of RHEL.


The main disadvantage is that it lacks some of its features due to patent problems.

NTFS format support is not included by default

Cost of security maintenance and updates if full support is not available.

Download RHEL Linux.

However, if we want to have total control of all its updates, versions and support of its tools, it is necessary to apply for its paid subscription and in turn create an account on its web portal. Not to mention that in order to have a safe download to have an AMD / Intel processor that is equivalent to Pentium 4 on wards, a memory of 512MB and finally a 5GB disk space that would be the base of RHEL plus 25GB of totally free space by channel distribution.

Friend and Linux lovers remember that Linux soul totally created by open source and that it is easy to use this system due to its great advantages and designed by programmers to provide comforts to users and which is easier to use and graphical management .

Finally, download the final version of Alma Linux that is on its official Alma Linux website. Which you can migrate from CentOS to Alma Linux without any problems and make use of the script that they have made available to us on GitHub, which will basically do the work for us.

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