List of best Blockstack apps – Better privacy for your simple needs

Decentralized apps are the future. Where all the apps either collects data and abuse them or you pay, so they don’t sell your identity for profit. But Dapps or Decentralized apps allows you to keep not only your data safe, but all the logs and activities are kept in your local storage instead of sending them to a centralized server, thus making Dapps the king of privacy. You may also ask what the hell is Blockstack?

Well, Blockstack is by the definition provided by themselves is a decentralized computing platform that puts users in control of their data and identity. Apps built on Blockstack make data breaches and trust violations an antiquated notion. So the idea is to distribute data between groups of decentralized blockchain network so no one can access the information except the correct owner of that data. Not even the makers of the app. Blockstack provides tools and framework to design such apps. And it has a catalog so you can browse hundreds of DApps. I have listed some useful Blockstack DApps so you can get your tasks done without the fear of someone selling you off in return.

Some awesome Blockstack apps

Blockstack provides tools and framework to design such apps. And it has a catalog so you can browse hundreds of DApps. I have listed some useful Blockstack DApps so you can get your tasks done without the fear of someone selling you off in return. Enjoy the list

pDrive – Store and share files

pDrive is a simple file storage where you can keep your file secure. It stores your files on blockchain so even pDrive cant see what you stored. The UI seems simple and straightforward so using it needs no extra steps. You can create Folders, upload files, upload directories, share files and manage.

I suggest this when you need to share a large file and you can’t attach it to emails. You can just upload the file to pDrive and click on share button to get a shareable link. Although it has necessary basic features, it lacks advance features that are presented in services like Nextcloud or Google Drive. It has no folder sharing which is a bit bummer. Come on, I want to share my collection of Cheems memes. If you want more feature with good UI, you can use . The reason why I’m suggesting pDrive is, why need feature rich app for simple file sharing?

Arcane Office

Arcane office is an online office suite that runs on blockchain. Now you can get all your office experience and high privacy at the same time. Arcane office offers a simple UI and experience and keeps your files secure on decentralized database.

Arcane office has Docs for editing and exporting .doc documents, Sheets to create and edit spreadsheets, photos to upload and manage photos and Marks. Although no presentation. Arcane office provides all the necessary features presented in any other normal office programs. But it is simple and secure.

Web studio – Build website without coding

Web studio provides a simple editor where you can drag and drop to build websites with responsiveness and no code. It also allows you to publish your website to a decentralized network

“Web studio works on top of Blockstack’s high-performance storage system “Gaia”. It is decentralized and gives you full control of your data and storage. No bandwidth limits, hidden fees. No updates to run, packages to install, or headaches to deal with.”

Small Talk – Create Webinar and group chats

Small talk is one of the most beautiful looking Blockstack app. It looks way better than some mainstream app. You can search and discover Blockstack ID’s, you can host a webinar or join via code, you can chat with groups and join video calls and more. There are some planned features like Interview and screen sharing coming soon. It will be a hit once it gets all these planned features. Currently, you can video call 4 people at once and other people can only listen to you.

By the way, you can read my ultimate comparison of Telegram, WhatsApp and ICQ new 2020 for mobile and desktop

NoWhiteBoard – Developer Jobs Without Whiteboard Interviews

Not an app but it runs on Blockstack and maybe be super useful to you if you are a developer and you are finding a job with “No more leetcode. No more CS trivia.” This site helps you browse, save and find more jobs in same company.

“No Whiteboards were built for the people who are tired of white boarding, leetcode, and memorizing algorithms that they will never use. These interviews are less a test of coding ability or potential for success on the job, and more a test of memorization and pattern matching.

Now you can easily block out jobs that do those types of interviews, and focus on the ones that test your skill on real world problems.”

Code Play – Learn to code while having fun

Solve puzzle to learn JavaScript. Code play allows kids or anyone who are willing to learn or understand the fundamental of coding. You will be provided with simple puzzle and some instruction, and you have to write code based on the instruction in order to solve puzzles. This way, learning becomes adventures and fun.

Code play has another website called CodeNPlay and it provides the same sort of learning environment but you have to sign up via google or GitHub which I don’t count safe compared to Blockstack apps.

Expense Tracker – Simple expense tracking app

Expense Tracker is a very simple online app that helps you with tracking expenses and providing stats and list. It’s too simple to even write a long description. It is what it is LOL.

Athena – Decentralized app for Period tracking

Athena enable you to track your Period with privacy. It’s a simple app, you just choose your Cycle length, average flow time, and latest cycle and it calculates estimated cycle period and ovulation period in calendar view. Too simple, nothing special. But it works.

LOL Hunt Down – Memes and memes and memes and memes

Finally! Finally and app that saves my memes from the article 13 monsters. Now I can enjoy my memes anywhere without worrying about someone stealing my … memes. I really like the lay out and collection of videos that are high in M E M E quality and usable. Every day, I open this app to get my daily dose of fresh memes. Ah, an open source blockchain based meme app! What a day to be alive.

So there you go, some decentralized app that can help you get your simple tasks done without hurting your privacy and you don’t have to worry about sign ups, data collections and breaches. All you need is a Blockstack decentralized account so your identity keeps protected and you can use all these apps and more from the Blockstack browser.

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