Balkar: The forge of the warrior, a historical fiction comic created with Free Software

Balkar has been created with Free Software as detailed by its author Angel Sánchez which has been used in the creation of references and Inkscape backgrounds (Inkscape: It is a free software program for manipulating vector graphics) has been used in drawing and color of each vignette. GIMP (GIMP: is an image manipulation program of the GNU project) in the retouching and editing of images and finally Scribus has been used (Scribus: is a free software program of professional support for DTP improvements) which helps for the layout and composition.

There is much talk about the forge of the warrior as in terms of graphic novels due to its historical fiction which is totally interesting for all of us who are fans of Linux, so this article will show everything regarding how balkar the forge was created of the warrior in free software.

It is important to show how Ángel Sánchez, the curator of the prehistory museum in Valencia, unveils his latest work which is Balkar: the forge of the warrior in which this work is not a free publication as in other publications but has been Made using free tools, the forging of the warrior is a historical fiction set in ancient Iberia between the 6th-1st centuries BC. and which follows the classic outline of the hero’s journey, which is about An old priest who anticipates his battered memory to remember the exploits of Balkar. Legendary Iberian warrior this first volume collects the passage to the maturity of the protagonist and ends with the emergence of Bodikas, a character whose ambition triggers the tragic events and ends up breaking the fragile territorial balance between the towns of Contestania and Edetania, according to Sánchez.

What this artist tries to make clear, in addition to his talent, which is evident, is his work philosophy and his commitment to free software. There are already many professionals who use free software successfully, which shows the level of development of many of its programs. Without a doubt, proprietary options are still the most powerful, but free software is slowly making its way into the difficult and competitive professional sector.

It should be noted that the history of Balkar the forge of the warrior has created concern and controversy in the networks, which the author and editor Ángel Sánchez gives answers to these with the following comment that is cited below:

I observe that a certain controversy has been created about the work of the illustrator and his tools. So, effectively, tools are not everything, but they greatly facilitate our work and, above all, they allow us to develop new possibilities and creative solutions. It was about experimenting and learning. It has also been commented here that it was not necessary to use so many programs to do this work. And I agree. Possibly I could have done everything with Blender and layout the vignettes with Scribus. But as I have mentioned before, I have tried to experiment with creative solutions that will lead me to achieve the visual style that I was looking for and with which I particularly feel most comfortable. In no case, do I try to lay a lecture on methods or tools, everyone can and should experiment with the tools they deem appropriate.

And that’s the great thing about free software. It allows you to experiment with all those tools without being tied to licenses or proprietary formats. In my case, I started with tools like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and 3D Max and I have finished with Inkscape, Gimp, Blender. Was the change easy? Are they completely replaceable? Well, as with everything, difficulties and limitations always arise (in some cases more than in others), although the good thing about this is that these programs have not stopped evolving and have allowed me to develop this work with a finish that I consider more than acceptable . To finish, I will say that the result always leaves you with a bittersweet taste.

With this comment by Ángel Sánchez, he makes it clear why I use various programs to experiment and have greater creativity at the time of being able to narrate the fictional comic of Balkar the forge of the warrior, in addition, what is really important in this narration is that both the cars and the exporters are pleased to know the history and the programs that I use with free software. What is necessary for each person is to learn, be creative, develop new graphic designs and each time have new goals to grow professionally, knowing our own virtues and the limitations that we could have at any given time. Enjoy the new things we can create.

Speaking a little more about Balkar, it can be said and established that there is a wide range of tools that can be used and that we would have excellent and even fascinating results when seeing everything that could be done. It does not matter the criticism that can be had as if not the advantages. Knowing the story of Balkar of how the curiosity to make new a story that had some fiction makes us understand the vision in terms of all the enormous work of him.

Developing, researching and finally wanting to learn new techniques and technological trends in programs depend on a lot if the need to evolve in knowledge and as professionals is recognized. The most important thing about a project is the enthusiasm it shows and how comfortable it could be when doing something that really matters to you. In fact, Krita is very interesting to draw in terms of how coloring with layers would give an excellent view in even if it is to work with Scribus at the same time it is very interesting the forging of the warrior invites us to improve every day trying always to have positive minds and to create new things that are useful allowing to be more self-confident.

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