NVIDIA will adopt Wayland Standards (Is the Future, Right?)

The first thing we must know before dealing with the subject is; What is NVIDIA? To answer this question let’s take the following text quote:

It is a multinational company specialized in the development of integrated circuit technology and graphics processing units for workstations, personal computers and mobile devices. This company has become one of the leading suppliers of integrated circuits (ICs), such as graphics processing units (GPUs) and chipsets used in graphics cards for consoles and PC motherboards.

Now, having already the answer to the initial question, we must know what Wayland is. For which I highlight this text:

Wayland is a graphical server protocol and library for Linux that implements this protocol, provides methods for window composition managers to communicate directly with video hardware and applications.

Knowing the concept of NVIDIA and Wayland, if we can get into the initial topic, NVIDIA can adopt the Wayland standards.

It is true that Nvidia is a company with an immense range of technology and with the fundamental objective is to continue making new creations of digital content and the series of integrated circuits. In addition, this company has the professional visualization and insight into the great opportunity it has in the market because it expanded its company to the video game industry with SHIELD.

And from that moment it became a company focused on 4 different types of market giving greater capacity to the creation of digital content in addition to series of integrated circuits, so NVIDIA allows users and all of us who are very enthusiastic about technology and the PC, for this reason many professionals and experts around the world prefer to look to NVIDIA when it comes to the PC.

This company has many technological advances to which it is necessary and indispensable for other small or large companies due to a study that was carried out, as it revealed that the latest car models in the world that have been designed, these experts and professionals prefer NVIDIA In addition, the news and sports channels choose this company, as far as the systems that this company creates are with exact and advanced objectives in terms of health, such as the early diagnosis system of breast cancer of the General Hospital of Massachuserrs are based on NVIDIA.

In 1999, it revolutionized the market for PC games, modern graphics, and parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning made possible modern artificial intelligence, the new era of computing in which the GPU acts as the brains of computers, robots and autonomous cars capable of perceiving and understanding the world around them.

Now, in order to identify if NVIDIA will be able to adopt the standards to Wayland, some characteristics of why Wayland will be a future for NVIDIA will be shown.

  1. One of the advantages that can be found is that Wayland will be one of the technologies that will shape the future of the GNU / Linux desktop.
  2. It is because Wayland has become very promising in terms of GNU / Linux due to the graphical protocol.

Due to these characteristics of Wayland, it can be said that NVIDIA can adopt its standards, although we well know that at present they do not have any type of protocol due to the fact that there are obstacles in which the complexity of its implementation can be mentioned, but not yet all the limitations have been internal.

Because NVIDIA is a giant art in terms of graphics processing and Wayland has been somewhat behind in terms of the advantages that NVIDIA has today, however X.org is a video server in which you can find everything. Referring to graphic design taking into account all the command accesses that Linux has from its beginning because it is in charge of showing the elements of the screen, it controls a lot in terms of what the hardware is and even communication protocols, but Much work is still being done on this program, which will give more options, providing many advantages for many, becoming a gigantic program, since then it has been more complex, due to having these characteristics it can be said that for 10 years Wayland has the tendency to be able to mark much the future regarding the GNU / Linux desktop.

Currently among the large desktops we find GNOME which has an implementation of Wayland with considerable advantage of graphic designs. Although my experience still needs to work on it to have improvement in technology.

With the graphical stack of the GNU / Linux standard, it guarantees the correct functioning of wayland in GNOME without the need to be with strange configurations which makes it easier to access it. But with the implementation of X.org Wayland seeks to offer notable improvements in terms of graphics and thus have greater fluidity which can be seen from the moment the application launcher icons are displayed, which can be noticed a shorter time of boot, although they are relying on XWayland to work, in fact Wayland has its own desktop applications which it can be said that they could experience great advantages and differences with the improvements of X.org.

Now, for many experts and professionals, they choose NVIDIA according to the fact that its advantages are perfect for home PCs in terms of their graphics processor and notebook PCs, office PCs with graphic applications and graphic applications provide solutions to professional or technical PCs, which would have greater advantages if in the future it were to adopt the Wayland standards with all the implementations of the GNU / LINUX desktop. So you could have more modern graphics and even go deep with the GPU which made it possible in modern intelligence. This could revolutionize the market at the moment if these standards accesses will be achieved.

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