Slimbook PRO X15, a laptop that you can buy with custom specs and GNU Linux pre-installed

The SlimBook brand was born in 2015, as an idea, as its official website indicates in the following URL:

SLIMBOOK was born in 2015 with the idea of being the best brand in the market for computers with GNU Linux (although absolute compatibility with Microsoft Windows is also verified).

We assemble computers looking for excellent quality and warranty service, at a reasonable price. So much so, that in 2018 we were awarded Best Open Source Service / Solution Provider at OpenExpo Europe 2018.

The SLIMBOOK brand belongs to the Grupo Odín company, founded in 2007 in Valencia, Spain. You can visit the corporate website of the company to get to know us better.

It has left customers perplexed with the latest solutions as far as personal computers are concerned in Europe under the dazzling world of open source and free software, offering solutions with the latest technology on the market, and having products with a power in stock. Very competitive computational with other products that are available in the European market.

Something that should be noted is that the company has extensive experience in this market due to the number of years traveled so far and its stability and strong foundations for its operation as a company that competes with companies from all over the world.

The variety of products available in its sales stock, currently on its official website through customers and users can purchase equipment according to their needs and with some best-known GNU / Linux distributions that this company manages, including Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora or a dual boot with a GNU / Linux and Windows distribution.

Best of all, potential buyers can make some improvements to the equipment on their website and buy a personal computer tailored to their requirements and personal budget. Not many manufacturers’ websites offer these options for the sale of their products.


If you want to be aware of the latest of this excellent brand “Slimbook” you just have to enter the following URL:

It is a very active brand and that renews its products very often, it is recommended to visit it frequently.


If you want to get in touch with the Slimbook team, you just have to write through the contact form at the following URL:

Visit the company

If you want to visit the facilities of the Odin company offices, they are located in Spain at the following address:

Linux Center (Odín Group)
Round of Chemistry s / n
ABM L'Andana Building, 7th floor
In front of the Technology Park
46980 Paterna, Valencia

But before making the visit, you must book an appointment through the following URL on its official website:

The interesting thing about the contact page is that they are very attentive and give quick responses to the contacts that are made through the contact form, do not hesitate to contact them, they will always attend in a very pleasant way to all the people who want to have feedback with them.

Brand new Processors

This is the most interesting thing they work with AMD and Intel, and they are analyzing using other processor technologies for solutions that are increasingly powerful and better adapted to the changing technology market, which is currently evolving very rapidly.

What products are currently available?


Also, among the product line there is a small line of accessories so that customers can purchase accessories of their own taste or to expand some functions available in these excellent computer equipment.

Note: It should be noted in the different lines of available products, you can see products available from low cost to high-cost products but with a professional profile to work from the comfort of a company or from home as a freelancer worker.

Slimbook PRO X15

It is the most sophisticated and powerful product in the Slimbook product line aimed more than anything at Freelancers who offer different service solutions from graphic design to professional programming of computer systems and software solutions for users and companies.

It is a Notebook that can be purchased with an AMD Ryzen processor or with an Intel Core i7 having two very powerful options at the time of purchase, the URL to start the purchase order is as follows:

This notebook has several keyboard layouts available for different languages, which does not have any cost to change the keyboard layout.

In the configuration interface of the device to buy, you can purchase this laptop with the amount of ram memory you want up to a maximum of 64 GB of ram, and you can select different storage solutions on NVMe-type SSD disk up to a maximum of 2Tb of capacity. .

What stands out the most is that when ordering, you can order the computer to have an operating system pre-installed from the selection available between GNU / Linux and Microsoft Windows distributions, or even have a dual boot of 2 pre-installed operating systems on the order right from the factory.

In terms of graphics performance, this product has nothing to send anything to the competition, it has NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1650.

The high gamma of this product and the price well below other products in the technology market make the Slimbook PRO X15 very attractive to many, in fact, its stock being depleted for almost 2 or 3 weeks and even having a large order list pending, thus proving that this company will have great growth in the coming years.

There is also a delivery system to be able to receive the product in a shipment anywhere in the world.

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