Facebook Charging For Its Service – A Rumor

Unfolding the rumor which says you will now need to pay to use Facebook.

I came across a rumor (well rumor really) that is floating in the Internet whole today. I am an active Facebook-er (here’s my profile) so its really irritates me a lot to see things such as this, and irritates me more that people start believing it. Some screenshots of status updates by my friends – You may have noticed updates like this even in your friends’ wall, which says that if you do not copy it to your wall, you will be charged. Here is another status update which mentions the tariff of the charges:

Like I said before, though the updates say that I has been declared on the news, I haven’t heard things of that sort from any news channel or site. Here is the update from Facebook official page.

What this means? Well chill. Facebook earns enough from ads and other sources of income. So its free for now, and hopefully for future too. Click this link to read the original message.

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