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Tattoo Tycoon is an interesting and fun filled mobile game availiable on java and android platforms. Here is a short review with download links of it

When I am writing a post on this blog after almost two months, that also review and story-line of a game, then you must assume that this has something special. To say the truth, I had almost given up mobile gaming after getting a PC, but this one has the ability to get you addicted and leave your PC for a while and comfortably lie on your bed and play it for hours.

Tattoo Tycoon is just another Real Time Strategy kinda game from Handy Games. But unlike most RTS games, its simple to learn and also simple to win. So even if you are not a strategic gamer, and also hate playing games because you lost, I bet you still would love it. The main object of the game is to run a tattoo studio and make your business profitable. Over time, you have to fulfill some simple objectives like tattooing a specific number of people, earning a stated amount of money, etc.

There is a tutorial and also an extensive help system that briefly describe all the aspects of the game. Once you go through the tutorial, you are ready to have fun and waste your time for hours.

Apart from earning money, you also have to keep in mind two other scores – one is customer happiness and second is reputation. These are directly proportional to the number of items you have in your shop, so serving customers and earning money quickly is the easiest strategy to win.

In most campaigns, in the beginning, you will be presented with two items – a stool where your customers sit for tattooing and a cash register. When a customer is interested in tattooing comes to the cash register, you will have to counsel him to find the right tattoo suited for him. After that he/she sits on the chair and you do the tattooing.

Each tattoo consists of combination of love, animal, death and tribal signs. You can research more tattoos by buying a drawing table and charge more thus earn more money. Also you can improve your tools in later levels that make your work faster, more perfect and injury less.

Apart from tattooing, you can have more means of earning money, such as soft drinks, t-shirts, coffee and posters. Also as it becomes hotter outside, make sure you have sofas and ventilators to make your customers more comfortable. You can also have decorative items in your shop such as plants and displays. All this makes make your customers more happy, directly earning you more reputation, and indirectly more money as more and more customers come to a well reputed shop.

If you are having trouble with your work, you can hire employees to do work such as tattooing, researching new tattoos or improving your tools. Also you can buy new rooms and expand your business. If you are having less reputation, you can buy a computer and advertise your studio, though its effect is short-lived.

The game ends when you have earned enough reputation and money, and then you can proceed to the next harder campaign. There are six campaigns in total, all enjoyable and intensively playable.

The free version of the game is a adware, but it wont hurt you much to get the developers paid for this wonderful work they have done. Also this game is supported from old java based phones to newer android models, so download it and get playing 🙂

Rating: 4/5.

Quick tip: Buy cheaper items such as plants to quickly earn more reputation and do a profitable business.


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