Where to spend your crypto? Globally and in Southeast Asia

I already wrote about my experience with crypto here. In that article, I wrote some paragraphs about where you can spend your crypto currency. But I have written nothing in much detail. So in this article, I will write about where you can spend your crypto on anything.

Crypto-currency is rising, it is a decentralized currency which you can use anonymously without having a middle-man. There is no bank, there is no gateway. You control your money, and when you exchange, the blockchain verifies your transaction. The blockchain is a collective system just like TOR gates, so they can only see your transactions, not who is starting or receiving that transaction.

Most used crypto

So far there are 6,955 crypto-currencies and the most used ones are ETH, BTC, USDT, BCH and XRP. Before starting the article I would like to discuss which currency holds which specialty so you know which currency to stock before you buy stuff.

BTC – Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most famous crypto in the world. Although once it was the most used one, that is not true anymore. Also, Bitcoin holds the highest value in the market, with skyrocketing price in recent months. BTC has grown more and more each year with a current price of 25720.10 USD.

There are some issues with BTC, though. For the limitation in the backend technology, Bitcoin is pretty slow. The nodes can only confirm small amounts of transactions each minute, and each block does not exceed 1MB. For this, network congestion happens and a transaction can take up to 8 hours. This is quite slow and troublesome. You have to pay an exorbitant amount of network fee to get on the front-line, and this is costly when you are paying for, let’s say, a cloth. Many users opt for different crypto for this reason.

BCH – Bitcoin Cash

When BTC gained no speed, a hard-fork of BTC happened in 2017, and BCH – Bitcoin Cash was born. BCH now has a value of 344 USD and is growing. It fills all the gap BTC had. Having a larger 8MB block, BCH can complete transactions 10x faster. And the network fee is really, really low compared to Bitcoin.

ETH – Ethereum

Ethereum is my favorite cryptocurrency. This is what I primarily use and like because of speed, ease of use and acceptability. Transaction speed is incredible even when you send small transactions with lower GAS. GAS is the fee you include with your transaction. Confirmation happens in minutes for smaller transactions where it can get confirmed in seconds with slightly larger transactions.

Although ETH is a crypto, it differs ‌from BTC and BCH at the core level. ETH is a fiat crypto and along with transactions and payments, you can build DAPPS with Ethereum. DAPPs are Decentralized Applications that run on P2P network, so it never goes down and is what the name suggests, decentralized. Payment solutions accept ETH widely.

USDT – Tether

Tether is a bit of a different crypto-currency. The value of Tether is determined by the price of a US Dollar or USD. So it is fixed to USD and grows up and down according to USD. For this reason, USDT or Tether is immuned against high price fluctuation of other crypto-currencies. Even if other crypto-currency crashes and the price gets down, your USDT value won’t because it is based on one of the most used stable fiat currencies in the world. For this reason, people usually trade for USDT and stock the assets to fix the price of that asset. And when other crypto prices get stable, they trade back to ETH or BCH or any other currency.

Beside the features, USDT is fast and stable and widely accepted. If you have some Tether with you, you can shop with it from almost anywhere where crypto is accepted.

Spending your crypto

I will now discuss how you can spend your crypto and what you can get with your favorite crypto-currencies.

For shopping

If you have some crypto on your pocket wallet, you can spend them by buying your favorite product. With purse.io, you can import your wishlist and place orders with crypto payments. Amazon does not accept crypto payments yet, so you have to use such third party options to buy with crypto.

Another option is to buy gifts and redeem them on Amazon. This is actually the best way you can buy stuff from Amazon with crypto. Because it involves no middle-man who will buy you and deliver products and violate privacy. I will discuss gift cards next.

Newegg takes crypto payment and you can buy more products from many providers. Use this search engine to search what you want to buy with your crypto.

Overstock also takes crypto as payment, where you can buy stuff at big discounts and they ship to most Southasian countries.

Gift cards and more

With Bitrefill you can recharge your mobile phone, buy Viber and Skype credits, buy Amazon and Ebay gift cards and more. I really like Bitrefill and I suggest it to everyone because they are amazing. It’s very easy to buy stuff in Bitrefill than any other gift-card sellers. I really like how responsive and down to earth people provide support for Bitrefill and I really love how they designed the User Experience for the site.

Buy domains

Buy digital services

Want to buy a logo for your company? Web hosting, app hosting solution or your own VPN forever? Buy any of the services on TechnoFAQ Market and save money. All for one time price with better support and with the crypto payment option.

Pay mobile bills with crypto

AT&T is the world’s first mobile operator that accepts bitcoin via BitPay. And if you live in Southasian countries, you can recharge your mobile through Bitrefill which I discussed earlier. You can also buy Viber credits through Bitrefill

Pay for fast-foods

Some of the branches of Burger King and Subway accept crypto payment and you can buy fast-food with crypto. Many coffee shops accept bitcoin and other crypto currencies and Pizza hut accepts crypto payments in Venezuela. I have not yet found one shop that accepts crypto in my area, because of the illegal status of crypto in local law. PizzaForCoins.com allows you to pay for Domino’s Pizza with crypto.

Pay for digital subscriptions

Although I didn’t find any que, Microsoft does accept crypto payments to refill your account. You can pay for netflix with crypto by using Bitrefill. If you want to pay for Twitch, Amazon provides the option to pay with crypto currency for Twitch platform.

Fly with crypto

Bitcoin.Travel is a travelling accommodation and booking platform where you can pay for bookings in bitcoin. Alternative Airlines allows you to book air tickets with bitcoin. Norwegian Air, Virgin Galactica and CheapAir also allow crypto payments.

Buy VPN with crypto

You can buy VPN subscriptions with crypto. Many providers including Windscribe, Express VPN, PureVPN and many other providers accept crypto payments. Mega.nz, a cloud storage provider also takes crypto payment.


The list is somewhat short with only top providers accepting crypto. I have included global as well as places you can spend crypto in southeast asia. If I missed anything, please let me know. Thank you so much for reading.

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