Some fun AI experiments and games you can try for entertainment and knowledge

Artificial intelligence is scary for some, but a big hope that will help humans overcome colossal problems. Using machines to do something that we cannot do alone. Detecting cancers from scannings, driving a robot through the lonely space with no help from humans, or simply to solve how humanity will survive in space, can be done with AI. Sci-fi and movies may have embedded an image of how AI is, but the reality is far off. Sometimes powerful and creepy and sometimes life saver.

Now, AI and machine learning are being used right now to save lives, innovate, calculate and make life easy. A small scale you can see when using YouTube or Facebook. Machine learning tries to learn what you want and what you like and suggests videos or contents. These companies are evil, and there are evil things where AI is being used. But it is in the human’s hand to decide what to do with it. For good or for bad.

Well, today I’m compiling a list of fun games and web applications you can try. AI experiments and games that are sometimes whacky, but mostly fun. Here are a few things you can have fun with, go on and try. All the things included here work in browsers. They require no additional wobbly bubbly.

Blob opera

It is both wacky and fun. One of the most visually outstanding and perfectly built AI games that enables you to make opera music without doing much. Just control four blobs representing four types of tone and drag them up down, left right to make notes higher, lower, narrower or wider. I had so much fun playing with these four blobs that feel like water balloons. So cute and funny. You can also record and share your performance too. Play Blob opera here.

Fontjoy, AI font pairing

Working on a design, book or web project? Want to find perfect looking font pairs for headings and paragraphs without investing much effort? Good for you, there is a font pairing tool that finds the best fonts you can use coupled with others. I ‌just love it. When creating PDF manuals, I always use Fontjoy for inspiration. It is very minimal and easy to use. Beside visual looks, it also pairs fonts intelligently, using fonts that can hold long sentences in the same length in heading. Try Fontjoy from here.

Semiconductor – Virtual orchestra

You have seen orchestras. Lots of people play instruments, and one person basically waves with a stick and directs the entire team. Now you can be an orchestra director (or whatever it’s called), with an AI based virtual orchestra. Semiconductor, a Google AI experiment will allow you to control music flow, tones and other stuff with your own hands. You just need a webcam. The webcam will detect your hands and body movements and play instruments accordingly. There is a short, easy instruction at the start. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it, because I have not yet installed a webcam on my workstation. Do comment if you tried it and if it works.

Move mirrors

You move and 80,000 images move with you. A fun AI experiment where you can dance and let images dance too by following your movements. It will present an image with your exact move in it. This is very cool, as you can record and make smoother videos by using some editing magics. Try Move mirrors here.

Talk to books

We use search engines to search for items and queries. They usually collect results from web pages when you search on traditional search engines. Now, thanks to natural language processing, you can expect perfect results without using strict keywords. Writing stuff in natural, normal language brings desired results. And then you have artificial intelligence which searches through the web and brings accurate answers even if you struggle to talk straight and sober.

Talk to books is the same, but instead of web pages, it collects answers from books. You don’t even have to write stuff in royal English. Just write how you write normally and it will bring you results from books, with exact passage and book name. It is best for finding books by ideas.

Evolution by Keiwan

Now, this game was trending years ago. Many indie gamers and creators played this game online. Evolution by Keiwan is an excellent game that shows how neural networks work in fun ways. You basically make a creature with joints, bones and muscle and you build them in a way that they learn to overcome challenges. After clicking evolve, you see your creature learn and complete goals. It is very easy to play. A great fun game for everyone.

I told you this was a bad idea

If you ever played those text adventures in the early days, you would know that those games are dumb AF. You have a limited set of commands and no language processing. You could not use simple natural language to stir the game’s direction. This game not only has an interesting theme but also a smart text adventure game, capable of processing your questions in general ‌English. Playing this game is easy, the goal is to ask the computer questions and uncover the mystery of your existence and who you are. You can play ITTWABI online from here.


This was also a trending site people experimented with a few years ago. The pix2pix model works by training on pairs of images such as building facade labels to building facades and then attempts to generate the corresponding output image from any input image you give it. The idea is straight from the pix2pix paper, which is a good read. There are few models you can play with. Cats, handbags, shoes and buildings. Just draw a barebone sketch, and the model with converting it to AI generates realistic images. Try pix2pix here.


Trust me, this one is the most fun to play a game on this complete list. In this game, ‌write words related to the word shown on the screen marked with an arrow and the list will go shorter and shorter and you will make points. Continue associating words so they do not go over the top line. An example is, if it shows the word “ice” you can write “frozen” or “water” or “cold”, basically anything that relates to ice. If you can continue writing points and break the word list, you will have extra words. But if the word list gets over the top, it will fail you. Play Semantris here, it’s so much fun.


Bad at drawing? Don’t want to learn to be good? Well, leave that to AI. Autodraw detects your shitty drawings and suggests beautiful results. Choose colors, add texts and draw. The AI will do the rest. Pretty basic and useless as a drawing program, but fun for playing around. Just don’t use it as a normal painting tool because other people drew the images. Try Autodraw from here.

So here you go, a few fun AI experiments and games you can have fun with. If you want to add something to this list, please do so by commenting and I will credit you. Thank you for reading, have a good day.

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