Ubuntu Now Available For Your TV!

Finally after computers and mobile phones, Ubuntu, the 20 million “human beings” strong free operating system has spread its wings to capture the television platform. Ubuntu revealed their newly developed product Ubuntu TV in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The UI of the interface looks much like the Unity, except that it runs in a TV rather than PC or notebook. The main features of the product include easy integration with online and broadcast services and apps, searching recording and playing broadcast, millions of movies and TV shows streaming on the web and by demand, shared screen space with iOS, Android and other Ubuntu devices. So you can pause the broadcast on your TV, go to your room and play it from the paused location on your iPhone! Other expected features include Ubuntu One integration and a App Framework.

The main UI
Shows Schedule

While televisions with Android and iOS platforms will be available towards the end of this year, people at Ubuntu are expecting to lure television companies by giving this product for free. The source code of this product has been released online for developers to play with.

Images from : OMG Ubuntu

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