[Arch News & Bugs] Pacman 4.0 Update – Empathy No Reason Specified Error – GNOME Weather Extension Bug – Totem Bug – Chromium 16 memory hungry

This section is dedicated to the current outgoings in the Arch Linux community, bugs fixes and updates. Today I will discuss experiences on the most recent topics and bugs I faced – Empathy No Reason Specified Error, a Totem bug that makes the Movie Player never start, GNOME Weather Extension bug, Chromium 16,  and Pacman 4 Update.

Sorry for the late post. I know many people do love this site except me and so they also expect things like more regular posting and things of that sort. But this week I had been busy with something that is quite a new concept (I will write a post about that soon 🙂 ) so had dedicated all my energies to that. Anyway lets move straight to the topic – latest and greatest things going on in the Arch Linux community.Pacman 4.* Update

Well we had been waiting for it quite long, and thank God that finally it has arrived. Our favourite package manager pacman has finally the capability of using signed packages. Although this means more security, one of the thing is sure that if you use it now you will get more annoyances than that, as the repos are not quite ready for package signing (yet). So the best way is to disable the package signing check. You can do it in a simple way, rename the old /etc/pacman.conf file to something like /etc/pacman.conf.old and the new .pacsave file to /etc/pacman.conf. Also don’t forget to activate wget as the download agent in the configuration file. If you would like to learn more, here is the news and here is the blog post regarding its usage.

If you are having problem updating the pacman due to package conflicts, just uninstall them (like I had problems with pacman-color, gnome-packagekit and package-query). After its updated, you can manually re-install all the packages.

Totem bug makes the movie player never start (fixed)

All of us love Totem, the default video player for the Linux system. But sadly I faced a bug that makes the player keeps loading and it finally crashes without any notice. When I checked the log, I found a problem of loading of shared libraries. Luckily after a whole system update, it runs fine now. If you are facing the same problem, make sure you remove it with the command pacman -Rns totem and again re-install it. (Oh yes! Sync the repos before doing that)

“No Reason Specified” error while connecting in Empathy

Well this has been troubling us for quite long and sadly it hasn’t been fixed as yet. While connecting with Facebook, Gtalk and MSN I face this no reason specified error. While searching in Google you will find a number of fixes, but none of them looks to work for me. For the meantime I have replaced Empathy with Pidgin and eagerly waiting for an update.

Empathy Error – No Reason Specified

I first faced this error while I was using Fedora 15. It worked fine for a few weeks in Arch, but

I am again facing it from this week. Sad thing is that I will miss easy chatting like this –

Empathy Integration GNOME 3

If you are also using Pidgin, here is an extension that provides Gnome 3 integration but it provides just the notifications, not the chat box.

Gnome Weather Extension keeps showing the loading sign

I loved this extension because it helped me a lot to plan my day. But currently this one is also broken and keeps showing the loading sign. So unless you are not lazy enough to visit a website to check weather, its gone for now.

Gnome Shell Extension Weather

Chromium 16 Memory Hungry Issues

I don’t know whats wrong with the superfast browser Chromium. I have a slow connection and I need to open multiple tabs to browse the internet. When ever I do that, its memory usage shoots up and occupies more than 2/3rd of my RAM. I hope it will get fixed in chromium 17 soon. For the meantime, I downgraded to Chromium 15.

Chromim 16 RAM usage
If you have found a fix of any of the issues stated above, kindly let me know and I will update this post with your solution. If you would like to receive updates on bug fixes, kindly subscribe to us free via email or RSS feeds.



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