Unsatisfied With Their Browser, Mozilla Developers Dump Firefox and Mass Switch To IE

This day has finally arrived in the history of browser wars, but can you stop the inevitable? Bill Gates is finally jumping with joy – “my prediction is true, IE will now rule the world like it did before” (pun intended).

“The biggest reason of switching to Internet Explorer is its unpredictability” – says one of the lead devs of Firefox, “You don’t need to change a line of code, and the same page looks different in different Internet Explorers, which browser can claim that? This journey will be fun.”

This decision has made Firefox lovers go into shock and freeze like their favorite browser does. Erik Sehgan, one of the advocates of the Firefox browser, who even got some developer FirefoxOS phones for free has apparently lost his memory too. His close friend and fellow Mozilla Rep says – “He is behaving like what Firefox does when it recovers from crash. It tells you that it has some tabs that needs to be opened, but never opens them when you press proceed”.

“What is my future now” – cries John who held several MozConferences in different colleges during the last year. “People used to look to me as a star, as a magician. I just used to go to these conferences organised by my fellow minions who toiled all day to make them happen. All I need to do is display my swag, appear cool and teach the students there how to write a manifest file. I had a ready made speech ready about open source and why is it useful, and used to repeat the same on all these conferences – free as in free beer. Now I have no idea what I will do with that knowledge. I have to find a new community and start from scratch.”

More shocked are the people who recently bought FirefoxOS phones and dont know what to do will them. “If Firefox development stops, so will FirefoxOS. My friends pestered me day and night to buy an Android phone, but no, I chose Firefox. Even though I knew that all these web apps do is to bookmark your favorite sites and launch the browser when you touch them. But no, I didnt listen them. I was embracing freedom, I was protecting my future. Now the future itself seems to have dumped me.”

There is still some hope left for FirefoxOS users. Microsoft has recently announced thats its coming with its new flagship OS, called the IEOS. “All this OS will do is search Bing, and indeed that will be a useful feature. The market share of Bing is just 1 percent, and we will make this OS available for free update at all FirefoxOS devices. With lots of FirefoxOS devices in the market, we plan to make our search market share rise upto 1.01 percent”.

Yahoo! on the other hand is also reported to bring FirefoxOS users to their side. “They dumped Google in favor of us last year, we are quite sure they will do the same this time too. We are having talks with Microsoft to have two tabs opened in the FirefoxOS home screen, one for Bing and other for Yahoo!. That way, the user will have the choice to search in the search engine he likes, none of them useful.”

Hardcore Firefox fans have dismissed the notion that FirefoxOS is violating user’s choice by forcing them to search in search engines which result in 80% of hair fall in the world. “All they need to do is go and search Google in these search engines, and you are all set.”

The biggest hit of this mass switch are the web developers themselves.”First, we had to take care of two compatible browsers, and do nothing about IE even though we tell our clients its totally IE compatible. Now this browser is back with vengeance, and we have to really take it seriously now. I am thinking to leave my job and become a magician.”

Reports say the writer of this article, who is a web developer himself has quit his job and has become a farmer.

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