Why This Ad

We post mostly about non-profit and not for profit things so from the first, we strived to keep this blog advertisement free. However we also wished that we can help these open-source projects as much as we can. So we are donating a part of our site earnings to our favourite open source projects to keep them going.
Note I am a student, I hardly have anything of my own to donate, hence I chose this as a way to help freedom as much as I can.
How much do I donate? Well, that can be hard to say. We follow a policy of strictly donating at least $5. But I strive to donate the most after deducting this site expenses. That can be 20-40% of site earnings.
Why I am doing this. Partly to earn my pocket money and make my ends meet, and partly to give an example to other fellow open-source bloggers.

How can you help? Spread the word about this site, share our posts. Also dont forget to disable ad block here, at least for this noble cause.

If you know a project that badly needs donations, let us know at:
support [at] linuxb [dot] in 

Disclaimer: All ads in this site property of the owners, we dont have any control on them. Neither do we verify the authenticity or correctness of advertisement present. LinuxB.in will not be responsible for any circumstances of any kind due to advertisement here


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