Monday, February 24, 2020

Customizing Linux GRUB (Part II) : Changing the GRUB Background (Splash...

This tutorial helps you to change the background image of GRUB, i.e. the splash image that comes behind the OS menu while booting.

Ubuntu Now Available For Your TV!

Ubuntu is now available for your Television.

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

This post is aimed at answering the common questions that one faces when he hears about Linux - What is software freedom and what is Open Source.

[Q & A] "Media change, please insert the disc" error while...

This post is the solve of the common error which occurs in Ubuntu based system media change please insert the disc.

Unsatisfied With Their Browser, Mozilla Developers Dump Firefox and Mass Switch...

This day has finally arrived in the history of browser wars, but can you stop the inevitable? Bill Gates is finally jumping with joy - “my prediction is true, IE will now rule the world like it did before”.

How To Download Youtube Videos in Linux in Desired Format

Download Youtube Videos in Linux free in desired format.

Customizing Linux GRUB (Part I) : Adding more Operating System Entries,...

Tutorial to customize the Linux GRUB Bootloader

Killing a virus with Linux and the Magic of Gnome 3!

Gnome 3 interface and also how to delete a virus using Linux.