Hi, Geek Guy Here From India, Looking Specially For A Geek Girl

Here is a new way of finding someone, though a rare species on earth. An experiment to show that geek girls do really exist, and they are awesome in their own way and most attractive to men.

Okay let me clear something first to those who expected a tutorial or some Linux related news. This is also my personal blog so don’t be surprised if I posted something about me here. In fact I have also done this before. And to those who think its a modern/techie version of a matrimonial ad/friendship request its not so. Rather, I would say, i just wanted to experiment a new thing and see if this works. Like experiments, I am not sure whether it would work, and truly speaking I expect the least from this. People have made millions of friends through social network sites, I know this sounds crazy, but there is no harm in trying out this.

Looking for a geek girl

So the question is, why I am making this post and whats the purpose of this experiment? For answering this I need to tell you the story of yesterday late night. Like all college students who study Computer Science, I had lots of time to waste on things. So after RTS gaming till 12 AM, I made up my mind to sleep. Lying on the bed I was doing usual things like chatting on Facebook and checking tweets, when suddenly a thought came in my mind. I was always in search of a geeky girl who can understand technology. So I googled a simple query – “geek girl india looking for friendship”. Maybe some geek girl will have a blog to write tech things like me, and maybe she has made up a post like this specially for friendship where I will land up. Sadly, there was no page like that, proving that geeky girls are rare in India, those who are dont blog, and those who blog dont have the time/innovation/idea enough to make posts like this.

Now before you jump on me asking questions about what the heck is this geek girls thing that I need to dedicate an entire post in this blog, let me clear your doubts. Geek girls are one of the rarest creatures on this earth whom God makes just one in a million. And here I am not talking about nerds, who wear spectacles and keep their eyes glued on books all day. Geek girls love to play games, and most of them are bright students too. Just imagine a girl who can play Need For Speed. and can beat the hell out of you in Counter Strike. Isn’t that amazing and too attractive? I said attractive because such girls are specially rare. Geek girls love to code, and atleast have done one program in their lives that will make their lives easier. I mean innovation here, not the program your grudging professor gives to do at home. These girls love to learn, and tickle with their system and can mod their phones to run the state of art software. They have thirst and dedication for technology and know and have used all the features of their phone. Some do have boyfriends, but most are above shallow things like this, nail polish, the color of their dress or matching lipstick. So putting all these things together, I am looking for a techie girl, someone who is techie by birth, not techie after completing B.Tech in CSE.

Now the answer of the question of why I made this blog post. Honestly saying, me, and neither of my male geek friends have found a girl like this in whole our lives, and we were on the thought of believing that such type of girls are extinct. But after yesterday night, I thought that if I can search something like that, maybe geek girls also will also (they love technology, and use google atleast a dozen times a day), and chances are, someone has already done. So at the best case some geek girl will google like what I did yesterday, and will land up in this page, and finally we will discover that geeks girls are alive.

Something about myself in short, though you can have a look at about page to know all. I am a nineteen year old student studying B. Sc. with majors in Computer Applications. As evident from my blog, I do love technology, and Linux and Programming is my bread and butter of the day. I do look good, and girls usually find me cute. I am a shy person and take time to do the talking, but if you are a geek, it wont take long to start a chat.

If you really are a girl and have any or more of the qualities as described above, you have reached the right place. I wont force you, but I think we can be friends. I am not a guy that will stick to you all day, hampering your thing called privacy, and if I do, you can block me/unfriend me. No girl has blocked me till date, and neither I have bothered about someone’s personal life too much. However, if you really find me irritating/not of your type etc, kindly let me know clearly before unfriending, else I will be banging my head all day searching for the reason.

I think we will enjoy being friends because I do have a circle of geeks, and you will find right in place with us.

So what do my blog readers need to do about it? If you are a guy or a girl who is not a geek, I am sad to say this but you are not of our type. But that doesn’t matter much, because I am not also of your type, and whoever you are, you are awesome in your own way. If you are a girl and know someone of your girlfriends who seems to be a geek, kindly share this post with her. Better still, +1 this post below so that it gets a better ranking in search queries, thus increasing our chances of the purpose being sucessful. If you are a guy, and also a geek, loved that you have arrived here bro. Maybe you also are looking for a geekish girl like me. And if you really are the geek girl we are searching by this post, figure out a way to contact me personally. Now why I left this for you to figure out because if you really are a geek, you will find a way to contact me after reaching here through search, and if I can find an hour and half in my so called busy life to write this post, you too can spare a few minutes finding me out.

To those who think I am desperate,  I really am not. Because if I was one, I really would have sent millions of requests on Facebook and searched the girl I need from there. But I rather chose this slow process, because I really would like to know if this experiment would work.

To my loyal blog readers who would like to know if this really worked, keep an eye on my blog, you will get notified when I find the someone I am looking for 🙂

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Sysadmin, coder, e-magazine editor, tech reviewer, freelancer. I love science and all things nice.


  1. I found this blog, when searching for techwit :/
    Techwit is extinct and not geeky girls. Dude, how can a never-existing/existed species will be extinct?
    Don’t worry Homo sapiens are advancing, and you may soon find a asari or a quarian girl!!!

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