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Let me tell you at first that describing myself is one of the tasks that I hate the most. But anyway, as someone told me to add an about page in this blog, so here I go. At the time of writing this page, I am a nineteen year old guy from India. I live in a state called West Bengal which is misnamed as it is in the east. I study in a not so reputed college in Naihati which is around fifty kilometers from a city that you all know, Kolkata, previously Calcutta. My hometown is Chinsurah which was once a Dutch estate as mentioned in the history books. I, like all bengalis, like good food and festivals, but unlike all bengalis, hate fish. Fish is a thing that makes me feel fishy and makes my life messy.

However, thanks to my mom, she makes sure that I have them atleast thrice a week. Girls consider me a quite handsome and nice guy, and my mom considers me the biggest idiot. I am nice, to people who are nice to me and vice versa. Why, because some fool said years ago treat others the way you wish to be treated. I am quite frank, but not very friendly. To say the truth, I have made this blog to make more friends. Some go to facebook to do it, but I want to be close to only handfull of people, as I am now.

I love the thing called love, and love stories are one of my favorite passtime. Other favourite passtime of mine are programming, listening music, chatting with friends and writing this blog. Though the first passtime is my favourite, you would be happy to know that it will turn into my profession soon. I want to be a web developer, and this blog is my first step to it.

I am not a programming geek, but you can call me good. I have some friends, with whom I chat in this SMS crazy nation. The only thing I have about myself is my height. I am just 5′ 3″. 🙁

What’s this blog about. Oh! A lot of things. Its basically anything I want to express and share with you. Last two years of my life had been amazing. Starting from my first love, to the first heart-break, to realising that ultimately you do good if you follow your dreams, and finally entering the world I always wanted to, programming and Linux. I learned these things the hard way, so I want to share what I know and make your life easy.

This is where I would write about my life, my feeling, things I like, and to share the over 10K collections of mobile stuff that I have with me. I am a thoughtful guy, and blogging is the only work of people with thoughts. I think that’s enough, isn’t it. If you want to know more, contact me directly in the social networks below, if I am impressive enough, chances of which are very low. 😀

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Sysadmin, coder, e-magazine editor, tech reviewer, freelancer. I love science and all things nice.

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